Jared Leto

Trying to build upon my digital skills with a slight vector art effect – Jared Leto from ‘Dallas Buyers Club’Digital Jared Leto


The Restroom

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a germ-infested public toilet, to find your experience is made all the more uncomfortable by some unearthly thing entering the cubicle beside you. Your eyes transfixed on the unnecessarily high gap that you both share between your cubicles, cautious of any foreign objects that might roll under there, or worse an outstretched hand scratching around for some spare toilet paper. After a series of inexplicable noises, you sit there motionless waiting for whatever it is next door to leave its cubicle, wash its hands and walk away. But it doesn’t, it’s waiting, waiting outside your cubicle door, breathing heavily.

Shadowy Figure

So I completed my animation, added sound, and rendered it – I then actually sat down to watch it and realised there was a scene that did not quite fit with the rest of the animation in terms of aesthetics. I decided to re-rotoscope the scene and play around with the soundtrack again until I was happy with the final product.

The Gap

We all share a mutual hatred for the gap between toilet cubicles – it always seems unnecessarily high and all privacy is lost when the stranger next door asks you to pass a bit of toilet paper. I’ve animated the scenario of a toilet roll rolling towards the protagonist from the abyss that is the cubicle gap, which is then followed by a hand. The hand scratches at the toilet roll as it pulls it back into the unknown, creating a feel of unease and discomfort.

toilet roll test