Sinister Mopping

Introducing the second character of my animation – the audience is made to believe that there is a monster outside the toilet cubile, when in fact we are witnessing the protagonists fear and doubt, that leads to her anxiety. We are faced with the image of an odd woman covered in what appears to be blood and her mopping up the evidence. However when we look closer the horrifying image is explained due to a cleaning bottle marked ‘Red Bleach’. Social anxiety distorts the way we see the world, nonetheless the situations we find the most frightening are actually very normal – in the end the monster was just the cleaner.

Opening Scene

After re-evaluating my story board, I came to the conclusion that my animation needs to be simplified in order to attract the audiences attention. So it is now all taking place in a public toilet! The animation will be humorous with an aspect of suspense, but will still follow my original theme of ‘social anxiety’. For the opening scene I have chosen to draw the door of the girls toilets, which is followed by a flash of lightning and the title ‘The Restroom’ in the colour of blood. I plan to put a cliche thunder strike sound over the top to achieve a comical effect.


A rough outline of how I want my animation to turn out – Its main focus is to highlight the struggle of social anxiety. The protagonist is witnessing university life for the first time and hence the fear of the unknown that comes with it. I decided to depict her social anxiety as monsters that cross her path every time someone interacts with her.

I feel the narrative needs to be simplified down further to get my point across, nonetheless this is a helpful guideline in moving my project forward.