For the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking into creating portraits through different medias. I find people and portraits in particular are a great influence in my illustrations, as I am interested in studying the way people look, act and think. Currently I get most of my inspiration from film stills.







Todd White Commission

In the Easter holidays I was commissioned to do an oil paint replica of a Todd White painting of my choice. I chose ‘Inside of You is that Side You’, however check out more of Todd White’s work on his blog, his paintings are awesome:

I made subtle changes with the colour and my own style is reflected within it, but I was pleased with the final results.

IMG_9501 IMG_9503 IMG_9638

Linoprinting Cultural Imperialism

For this linoprint I wanted to focus upon the cultural side of imperialism. I find the cultural differences between Africa and the United States to be the most vast, due to the amount of Americans who are morbidly obese from sheer gluttony, up against the starvation in Africa. I depicted this as an illustration of a starving African child wearing a t-shirt with the McDonalds logo on it. I then developed this further by making a linocutting of my illustration. It didn’t come out exactly as I had planned, but I actually like the unpredictability of the medium, as not every print was the same. 





Spraypainting Imperialism




This was the original stencil I made on photoshop depicting Clint Eastwood ‘Dirty Harry style’ holding a gun with the words America scrawled across the side. My main intentions of this image was to highlight America’s liberal gun laws not only being exploited in the movies but in reality as well. 
Once printed onto cardboard I hand cut the stencil (unfortunately losing the type as cardboard was a difficult medium to cut, however I think the message is still apparent) and spray painted the image onto different coloured papers. I then began to experiment with overlaying, freehand and cutting more of the stencil out. Here were the results: 


Image Image Image Image Image